Stories from the E.R.

I had one doctor that I had before I was diagnosed with GP, that said "I shouldn't come back to the hospital, they weren't gonna admit me anymore and that I'm to taxing on the system!!" I said "then what do we pay taxes for?" he just walked away with no real reason except that they couldn't figure out what was wrong with me.

Another time I had a doctor that refused to give my right meds and because of that I had a horrible time. This doctor that is supposed to care about his patients decided to basically hit me in the stomach by using a forceful stabbing motion directly where the pain is with his index and middle fingers cuz he didn't believe I was in pain. He soon realized as a jumped and screamed and am now in tremendous pain that he might of been wrong. Right after he did this he walked away and he never came back. I had a few witnesses to this and I want to speak about this to inform and teach as many people that things like this happen and it needs to change. I have a lot, sadly, of horror stories and give me time I'll get them all up and out there. One thing I've leant is talking about all this helps and it honestly works. I have lots of good stories to in the ER, so you will hear them too!

I have one nurse in the er that takes great care of me. The biggest thing he does for me when times are tough is he makes me LAUGH!! Laughter really can be the Best medicine!

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