My Advice

1. Positive thinking is KEY! Its my #! rule!! Eliminate negativity. The mind is a very powerful tool, and what might at first seem like not a big deal, positive thinking can help tremendously trying to get through a rough patch. With the right mindset you can get through anything:)

2. Do everything you can to AVOID STRESS! Getting stressed out about literally anything, can bring on a bad episode. Whether its school, work, family, friends, money, it doesn't matter, anything stressful on you and your body can cause a GP flare-up. Its impossible to eliminate all stress but you have to teach yourself to relax, breathe and know that you can get through anything. One thing you will learn or have learned living with GP is that times get rough but there will be good times ahead - Positive Thinking!

3. Back rubs. I get my back rubbed as much as possiblt when going through a flare, it helps me to relax and handle the pain and nausea.

4. Chewing gum and eating candy! Saliva from chewing gum helps to break down the food in the stomach. Plus it keeps your mouth from getting dry from being dehydrated. Peppermint and butterscotch candies also help with nausea. Pretzels help with nausea as well and it helps even more when combined with regular coke, I was told it has to be regular coke not pepsi or any other kind of pop. The pretzels with coke help to break the food down in the stomach. When I'm slightly nauseous I'll eat a few pretzels and it ends up helping with the nausea.

5. Calming music. Helps to stay relaxed.

6. Deep breathing.

7. Sometimes when I get out of the hospital I get dizzy when I stand up because my iron is low. When this happens all you do is squeeze your legs together! If you can stand and hold on to or lean on something while doing this. Squeezing your legs together when dizzy due to anything, helps!

8. Listen to your body! If your feel or notice something new and don't know what it is talk to your doctor.

9. Being vocal with your doctors is very important. Let them know everything your feeling like pains, cramping, nausea, and other symptoms.

10. Don't Give Up!

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